March 14, 2023 STU

Do You Fit the Description – 2023 Version

Do You Fit the Description?

2023 Version

JCU has a long and deep history with several regions around the country – namely Chicago, Pittsburgh, Upstate NY, and here in good old Ohio.

Back in 1985 (see below), groups of students from these areas decided to let everyone know how you could tell which region they called home. Back then it was BIG hair, stonewashed jeans, Lacoste sweaters, Foster Grant sunglasses, sports coats over t-shirts, pinstriped suits & shoulder pads.. Nearly 40 years later, we want to know if any of the styles that defined these areas then remain now, and what new styles exist today.

We are looking for student volunteers who hail from the aforementioned areas (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Upstate NY and Ohio) to help us better illustrate these fun regional descriptions in 2023. We need both input/ideas & models for the photos.

Please contact if you have questions