March 29, 2023 FAC/STAFF

Today: Retirement Planning: Health Coverage Options

We are pleased to extend an invitation to employees that are seeking help with understanding the myriad of retirement health care options in the market today. There are many types of Plans offered in the market today –Medigap plans/supplemental plans, Rx plans and Medicare Advantage plans (not to mention under-65 non-Medicare related Plans available in the Affordable Care Act Marketplace). Understanding what they are, how they work and what costs you might incur when you need medical care as a retiree is important.

We have asked Ms. Kathy Hirko and her team from the KAZ Company ( to present on the mechanics of retiree medical coverage with a focus on understanding Medicare, supplemental insurance and prescription drug coverage offerings.

Join us in the for a Zoom meeting, this Thursday, March 30, 2023 from 2pm -3pm for a brief presentation followed by a Q&A session with Kathy and members of the HR team. Please use the following link to access the meeting:
Meeting ID: 913 8051 4280

If you could let me know that you will be attending beforehand, that would be appreciated but it is not required. Also if you are unable to attend but have interest in this topic, please contact me anytime by phone 216-397-1576 or email for more information.