May 3, 2023 ALL

2023 Celebration of Scholarship Poster Winners

Congratulations to the POSTER WINNERS from this year’s Celebration of Scholarship.

10th “Feminist Mothering and the Needs-Focus Approach of Writing Centers: A Literature Review”
Sophia Wohlwend ‘25; Megan Connor, The Writing Center, JCU

9th “Internship with Case Western Reserve University Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods”
Madeline Panus ‘23; Jean L. Frank, MPH, Case Western Reserve University, and Dr. Margaret Farrar, Department of Political Science, JCU

8th “Role of N-Phosphonacetyl-L-Aspartate in Enhancement of Transcription Governed by Interferon-Stimulated Response Elements and Interferon-g-Activated Sites”
Jacob Clark, ‘24; Katie Vasiliauskas ‘25; Dr. Erin Johnson, Department of Biology, JCU

7th “The Effect of S-glutathionylation of KEAP-1/NRF-2 and Caspase 3”
Claire Greenlees ‘23; Dr. Yuh-Cherng Chai, Department of Chemistry, JCU

6th “The Effect Of Sleep Environment On Sleep Quality And Behavior In Firefighters”
Erica Esper ‘23; Dr. Jacquelyn Zera and Dr. Anna Simonson, Department of Exercise Science and Sports Leadership, JCU

5th “Determination of taxonomic placement of falsely-branched taxa in soils of San Nicolas Island and reassessment of the Tolypothrichaceae”
Natalie Soliman ‘24; Dr. Jeffrey Johansen, Department of Biology, JCU

4th “Disruption of Minor Intron Splicing by Disease-associated Mutations in U12 snRNA”
Kyra Jancik ‘23; Dr. Elizabeth DeLaney and Dr. Richard A. Padgett, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

3rd “Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha mediated regulation of mitochondrial function and homeostasis in normoxia”
Mathew Luknis ‘23; Dr. Nicole Welch and Dr. Srinivasan Dasarathy, Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

2nd “Alkaloid-based Chemical Defenses in Six Species of Australian Poison Frogs in the genus Pseudophryne”
Vilma Dudaitis ‘24; Dr. Ralph Saporito, Department of Biology, JCU

1st “Investigating the Role of NF-kB Inhibition on Müller Glia Proliferation Following Injury in the Zebrafish Retina”
Danielle Baffa ‘23; Dr. Brian Perkins, Ophthalmic Research, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Dr. Helen Murphy and Dr. Cyrilla Wideman, Neuroscience Program, JCU

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