September 6, 2023 FAC/STAFF

Door Access Request Issues

JCU ITS is experiencing an issue communicating and updating the wireless locks on campus. This issue is preventing ITS from changing cardholder access to individual locks and disrupting lock schedules. ITS is working with an external partner to rectify this situation. At this time we are not sure how long this will take.

JCU ITS has found a temporary solution to restore lock functionality and lock/unlock schedules. This solution involves manually updating each lock. Please submit a ticket by Friday, Sept 8th for any access requests or changes to locks on doors controlled by your department. You can submit the requests by clicking on the link below and selecting Requesting Access to a Door(s) or Building(s) on the right side of the page.

In the ticket request, be sure to include the user names, the door or door locations, and the date access should end (if needed). During the week of Sept. 11, ITS will be manually updating each door with these access requests. This will return the doors to functionality until the external partner resolves the issue. During this temporary fix, ITS will have limited ability to update access to doors, so please submit any access requests before Friday, Sept. 8th.

Any questions or concerns, please contact John Mack at