September 12, 2023 STU

Group Therapy Coming this October!

The University Counseling Center will be starting up group therapy again this October for 3 different topics: Relationships, Anxiety & Perfectionism, and Wise Mind: Skills for Tough Times. Groups are an excellent way to improve your mental health skills and awareness while in the comfort of a supportive group setting.

Below is a more in depth description of each group. If you are interested in joining, go ahead and email Amanda for your next steps! (

Relationships Group – This group will help you build and maintain important relationships in your life, including family, friends, and romantic partners. Learn interpersonal skills to effectively manage conflict, improve communication, and establish healthy boundaries.

Anxiety & Perfectionism – This group will help participants focus on better understanding symptoms related to anxiety and building skills to cope effectively. If your perfectionistic tendencies cause you daily distress, this group will help you gain new perspectives about yourself and let go of the comparison mindset.

Wise Mind: Skills for Tough Times – We all experience tough times. This group will teach skills to help you work skillfully with difficult emotions, depression, and intense distress. You will learn how to notice thoughts and emotions and reach a middle path or Wise Mind.

Hope to hear from you soon!