September 24, 2023 STU

Today: ChatGPT Power Usage for Students

Doan Winkel (Director of our Entrepreneurship program) is hosting any student who’d like to attend 9/25 at 2pm (location TBD depending on response rate) to show you:

1. How you can use ChatGPT in your life as a student

2. How to leverage these tools to better prepare for and navigate the job discovery/search/application/interview/negotiation process

Doan gets a lot of questions from students about ChatGPT:

Should I use it?
How can I use it?
Is the paid version worth it?
“How do I ______”
and more

He’s been messing around with these tools for years, and particularly with chatbots to figure out how to be more efficient in his various professional roles.

He wishes he had these tools when he was a student.
They will change your life!
Doan will show you how.

If you’re interested in learning more, please RSVP here: