October 24, 2023 ALL

Entrepreneurship Course for Student-Athletes

This spring we will have two sections of ER2201 – Creativity, Innovation & Idea Development specifically for our student-athletes.

These will both run 9:30-10:45 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Section 55 will be taught by Michael Munoz (son of Cincinnati Bengals legend Anthony Munoz!), Section 53 by our own golf superstar Jamey Polak.

In this course, students practice creativity through techniques for improving the flexibility and originality of their thinking, thereby developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Using this mindset, students:

recognize problems worth solving specific to student-athletes
work with a team to develop an innovative solution
identify the ideal audience for the solution
communicate the solution to that audience

For more information, contact Jamey Polak at jpolak@jcu.edu

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