October 26, 2023 ALL

Immersion Applications due October 30th!

Spring Break and Summer Immersion applications have officially been launched!

Through the JCU Immersion Program, students are invited to fully immerse themselves in a vibrant community, and gain firsthand knowledge about the injustices that affect these communities. These are not service trips, mission trips, or travel abroad trips. Read below for more details:

Conscious Consumption & Discovering Ethical Supply Chains
Morganton, NC | $850, March 3rd – March 9th

Understanding the Reality of the Unhoused
Washington, D. C. | $550, March 3rd – March 9th

Uncovering & Exploring the Heart of Appalachia
Spencer, WV | $700, May 20th – May 26th

Inequity, Intersectionality, and Inner-City America
Chicago, IL | $1,000, May 20th – May 25th

Medical Brigade & Public Health Immersion
Honduras | $2,500, May 21st – May 30th

Learn more about the Immersion opportunities for Spring Break and Summer here (https://jcucampusministry.gomethod.app/activities).

Applications for Spring Break/Summer Immersions can be filled out here (https://jcucampusministry.gomethod.app/public/applications/9382/signup). Applications are due Monday, October 30th at 11:59PM.

Reach out to Shelby Smyth (ssmyth@jcu.edu) with any questions.