October 27, 2023 FAC/STAFF

Faculty/Staff Basketball this Friday at Noon in the IM Gym

Faculty/Staff Basketball this Friday at Noon in the IM Gym. We will play a game if we have enough people, and if not, we will shoot around and get some exercise. Feel free to share with anyone interested! My goal here is to have fun, get some exercise, and build community. Make sure to bring your JCU ID!

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Contact Jurell for questions at jsison@jcu.edu

Last week’s recap:
Last week was awesome!! Thanks to Bob Connors, Maura Dooley, and Marcelyn Saxton. We warmed up and laughed for 10 minutes (12:00-12:10) and then we played a really fun 2 on 2 game and subbed out when someone got tired (12:10-12:25pm).

We didn’t keep score and we naturally switched out teams and everyone scored multiple times. I was hesitant to only play for 25 minutes but it was plenty of time for all of us to work up a big sweat lol!

Unfortunately, I won’t be in this Friday because I am facilitating a weekend retreat for the students but I’d encourage you all to get together and play! I’ll be back next week.

Have a great weekend.