November 21, 2023 ALL

Final Exams with SAS

Dear SAS Students:

If you have an extended-time accommodation on exams, ​and you plan on using it during finals, the time to schedule with our Test Proctor is NOW​.

Please take a look at your exam schedule and contact our Test Proctor:​,​ ​and your instructor as soon as possible.

You will be required to use the Exam Administration Form fillable pdf; we cannot accept scheduling requests for Finals without this form completed by your instructor.

We recommend that you cc when you communicate your request to your instructor so that we are in the loop early on.

Please do not send us a form with only your name on it; that is not helpful.

For more information on scheduling final exams with SAS, follow this link:

Please also feel free to stop by Student Accessibility Services, first floor DSC, or call us at 216-397-4967 so that we may help answer your questions.