February 11, 2024 FAC/STAFF

Today: Need to publish? Learn more about OA publishing!

OhioLINK has new hybrid open access (OA) publishing agreements with Springer and Elsevier, and a renewal and expansion of our Wiley OA agreement. Access to the new Springer journals is now available at their site, and the open access publishing benefits are now available from all 3 publishers.

Upcoming Springer Open Access Workshop –
Authors are asked to register for the Springer Open Access Author Workshop (https://oh-tech.webex.com/weblink/register/rf2b930160e0bab32334a7ba32fa8c9f1) on February 12, 10:00 -11 AM. Springer representatives will review general aspects of the Springer OA agreement and the author submission workflow. In addition, a Springer editor will discuss Springer OA publishing. The webinar will be recorded and posted to the Springer OA Publishing: Information for Authors page (https://www.ohiolink.edu/content/springer_oa_publishing_information_authors).

Questions about any of this? Mina Chercourt can answer your questions! mchercourt@jcu.edu