February 22, 2024 STU

Private Practice Guest Speaker

Hey everyone, we are all extremely excited to announce our first event of the semester with the theme of private practice! We are so lucky to have our guest speaker Dr. Nabil Madhun come and talk to us about starting and running a private practice. If you love medicine but have also had an interest in business, this could be a great path for you! Our event will be on Thursday, February 22nd at 6 PM in DE130.

P.S. We are gonna have some awesome food from Chick-fil-A and Dave’s Hot Chicken.

Sincerely from your HOA board,

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Vice President – Hayam Alammari: halammari26@jcu.edu
Financial Officer – Omar Zayed: ozayed27@jcu.edu
Delegate/ Communication Chair – Daniel Sunyak dsunyak26@jcu.edu
Executive Officer – Basheer Alramahi balramahi26@jcu.edu
Public Relations Chair – Laura Rutger lrutger26@jcu.edu