March 7, 2024 FAC/STAFF

Today: Human Resources Policy for Review

The Policy Review Committee is charged with reviewing staff policies, posting new policies, and proposing revisions.
The HR Policy Committee has reviewed and approved for comment, updates to the Corrective Action and Work Expectations Policy. There is a “clean” version of the revisions as well as a “marked up” version of the updates made to the current policy. These revisions intend to do the following:
-Define the roles of employees and supervisors in meeting the expectations of the University.
-Provide further definition and explanation of corrective actions.
-Highlight work expectations of all University employees as opposed to potential workplace violations.
The policy will be posted through March 8th.
To review and submit questions or comments, please go to the HR website at
Thank you,
The Human Resources Policy Review Committee: Jen Rick, Ryan Armsworthy, Garry Homany, Lauren Marshall, Rosanna Miguel, Colleen Treml, and Claudia Wenzel