March 12, 2024 STU

Master AI, run the food buggy, join the prison entrepreneurship program

Dive into fun and challenging learning experiences in the fall that will give you relevant, marketable skills & something unique to talk about in job interviews:

ER4405-1 (prison entrepreneurship program) offered Tuesday 5:45-8:30. You work with men at Grafton Correctional Institution to start side-hustles they can step into upon release so they have a source of income, and also a way to find meaning in their talents.

ER4405-52 (food buggy class) Tu/Tr 3:35-4:50. You run the food buggy, with the goal of generating profit through on-campus and off-campus events that you then use to feed the homeless and hungry around Cleveland

ER4405-53 (mastering AI) MWF 9:30-10:20. You practice using a bunch of AI tools, moving towards mastery of the logic and process of using them, while applying everything toward discovering your dream career path/job, and creating a portfolio of assets you can leverage to get into and succeed in that dream career/job.

We also offer a 1-credit CAPA (ER1110) and an ISJ (ER1120) if you’re looking for those.

For further information contact Doan Winkel at

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