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Mental Blocks Affecting Your Performance?

Let’s Talk: Student-Athlete Mental Health Office Hours

What is it?

The Let’s Talk: Student-Athlete Mental Health Office Hours program provides informal consultation with Shelby Bitter, LPCC in GY102 every Wednesday from 12-2pm. The goal is to provide basic information on mental skills training, the process, how it can be beneficial for individual athletes or whole teams, and the difference between mental skills training and mental health counseling. Basic mental skills training information can be discussed for topics such as goal setting, attention and concentration, emotion-management, self-talk, imagery, relaxation, confidence, identity, athletic transitions, etc.

Who is it for?

Those who may benefit from this program include:
• Student-athletes who want more information on mental skills training and/or mental health counseling but are unsure where to begin
• Student-athletes looking for basic mental skills drills and when/how they can be implemented into practices
• Student-athletes who may have concerns about a teammate/friend and wish to seek advice on how to support them
• Coaches and other athletic personnel interested in mental skills consultation and possible continued consistent work with their teams

How is this program beneficial?

This program creates a space for student-athletes and coaches to learn more about mental skills training, the similarities and differences with mental health counseling, and seek initial advice and assistance in getting connected to additional services as needed. By offering this walk-in time for student athletes, we may be able to identify needs and support student athletes before they reach a level of crisis. This program also helps reduce barriers to seeking mental health information for students who may be less likely to initially seek formal mental health counseling services.