March 27, 2024 STU

Today: Master AI, run the food buggy, join the prison entrepreneurship program

Dive into fun and challenging learning experiences in the fall that will give you relevant, marketable skills & something unique to talk about in job interviews:

ER4405-1 (prison entrepreneurship program) offered Tuesday 5:45-8:30. You work with men at Grafton Correctional Institution to start side-hustles they can step into upon release so they have a source of income, and also a way to find meaning in their talents.

ER4405-52 (food buggy class) Tu/Tr 3:35-4:50. You run the food buggy, with the goal of generating profit through on-campus and off-campus events that you then use to feed the homeless and hungry around Cleveland

ER4405-53 (mastering AI) MWF 9:30-10:20. You practice using a bunch of AI tools, moving towards mastery of the logic and process of using them, while applying everything toward discovering your dream career path/job, and creating a portfolio of assets you can leverage to get into and succeed in that dream career/job.

We also offer a 1-credit CAPA (ER1110) and an ISJ (ER1120) if you’re looking for those.

For further information contact Doan Winkel at