April 2, 2024 FAC/STAFF

Summer Student Employment Now Open

The summer student employment process is now open. The instructions for the summer process can be found here. Please read the instructions before starting the process. We will not honor offers of student employment that do not follow this process.
The guidelines established for hiring students during the summer are as follows:
• All summer student hires must be a JCU student registered for the summer or fall semester and be at least 18 years of age
• This process is independent of the academic year student employment and must be completed for every student employed beginning May 12th until August 16th
• Students are not eligible to begin working until they and the supervisor have received an email confirming they have completed all processing
• Summer student workers will be paid on an hourly basis. Student cannot be paid via stipend for summer 2024.
• Student are eligible to work a standard 37.5 hour work week during their summer employment.
• The standard pay rate is $10.45 per hour. Requests for a differential pay rate can be made through the Summer 2024 student employment Wage Approval Request Form. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient budgetary support for the differential wage, students hired and hours requested. Approval of the request is not confirmation of budget allocation.
• Summer positions that are being filled as a volunteer or as unpaid internship must follow the University Volunteer Policy
• Summer employment is available for undergrad and graduate students
As we begin the summer process we will take down the academic year forms starting May 1st. However, if you need to make a student hire for the remainder of the Spring term, please contact DaVaughn DuBose at x4641 or ddubose@jcu.edu. If you have questions or need assistance please feel free to reach out.

Best wishes for a successful completion of the Spring semester and a productive and enjoyable summer!