April 5, 2024 STU

Apply to Join the 2024-25 Carroll News Editorial Board!

Think you got what it takes to rock a headline? Consider applying to be a section editor/social media editor for The Carroll News! Applications close at 11:59 PM on Tues., Apr. 16. Interviews will take place in the days following.

For those interested in applying to be a Section Editor, click here (when applying, specify what section you are interested such as campus, arts and life, world, opinion, sports, multimedia: audio and engagement or multimedia: visual and technical): https://jcu.joinhandshake.com/stu/jobs/8848177?ref=preview-header-click&search_id=c5046097-40e4-4975-99d3-bf0514363033

For those interested in applying to be the Social Media Editor, click here: https://jcu.joinhandshake.com/stu/jobs/8848170?ref=preview-header-click&search_id=c5046097-40e4-4975-99d3-bf0514363033

Send any questions to Laken Kincaid via lkincaid24@jcu.edu!