April 8, 2024 STU

Today: #RelationshipGoals- DINNER INCLUDED!

When do we know when we are ready for a relationship? When is it even defined as a relationship? In this program we tackle questions we often ask like “What are we?” and talk about getting over the fear of talking about what you want out of a relationship, so you can have the relationship of your dreams.

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Wellness Center is hosting #RelationshipGoals on April 9th at 6pm in SIH-48. This program also counts towards the Healthy Relationship Topics Certification, a certification created to recognize those that care about relationships, preventing sexual assault, and have taken steps to educate themselves. The program will be approximately 1 hour, and dinner will be provided. RSVP with the link below and contact wellness@jcu.edu with any questions!