April 12, 2024 ALL

Have fun developing practical skills this fall

As we are wrapping up registration, I wanted to remind you that any student can register for any of our exciting entrepreneurship courses. We take an innovative approach to building practical skills that transfer to any career path, so (although I’m biased) these are great classes for anyone:

ER1110 (Creative Problem Solving – this is a 1-credit CAPA and we have 15-week and 7-week sessions)
ER1120 (Poverty and Entrepreneurship – this is an ISJ)
ER4405-1 (Prison Entrepreneurship Program – contact me to register)
ER4405-52 (running the food buggy social venture – contact me to register)
ER4405-53 (I am teaching this course about how to use AI for student life, career prep, and general productivity)

Contact Doan Winkel at dwinkel@jcu.edu for more information