April 18, 2024 ALL

University Heights Parking Enforcement

Effective Wednesday, April 17th the University Heights Police Department will begin enforcing the City’s new parking ordinance. Parking tickets will now be filed through the Shaker Heights Municipal Court, as current Shaker Heights parking tickets are now.

Parking tickets issued by UHPD will now be $25, going up to $100 after 30 days and collection costs will be added after 60 days. Vehicles with two outstanding citations can be towed if they are found in violation a third time.

This information is provided as a courtesy to JCU community members who park on city streets.

Additionally, as per the signage, parking is prohibited on the Belvoir Road Rollups. As we attempt to get the area clear for move out activities, enforcement will be increased.

Links to the University Heights Parking & Traffic Codes are listed below.



Thank you for your attention to this matter,

JCU Parking