April 23, 2024 ALL

2024-2025 Tower Time Collaboration Application

As Tower Time prepares to enter its fourth year at JCU, we will be moving to an application process for those departments and organizations interested in collaborating on an event. In order to accommodate as many groups as possible the following criteria have been established:

1) No department or organization will collaborate on more than two (2) Tower Time events each semester.

2) Priority will be given to departments and organizations who have not had a collaboration opportunity before any department or organization collaborates on more than one.

3) The focus of the event is the 3 Cs – Connection, Conversation, and Community. Presentations, demonstrations, and performances should be limited and should not exceed more than one-third (10 minutes) of the timeslot.

4) All presentations, demonstrations, and performances should take place during the second half of Tower Time to prioritize conversation.

5) Tower Time should take place at St. Ignatius Plaza or in the Student Center Atrium unless there is a persuasive reason for relocation.

Please circulate this application (https://forms.gle/wLsAbfqrucrQzYmE6) widely with the departments and organizations with whom you work. Priority will be given to applications received by May 3. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and collaborators will be notified by May 31.

Please contact Maura Jochum (mjochum@jcu.edu) with questions.