May 7, 2024 ALL

Several Administrative Policies Approved

A number of policies were approved by the University Committee on Administrative Policies (UCAdP) at a recent meeting. The Policies are currently posted on the Policy webpage and are now in effect. (Note that the Acceptable Use Policy has been amended since circulated to reflect that Faculty Handbook governs questions of faculty speech and ownership of research and teaching materials.)

International Travel Safety Policy (2024 revision)
Nondiscrimination, Non-Harassment and Bias Related Incident Policy (2024 revision)
Name Usage Policy (2024 revision)

Cybersecurity Policy Suite
Cybersecurity Program
Sensitive Date and Cybersecurity Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Incident Response Policy
Change Management Policy
Patch and Vulnerability Management Policy
Identity and Access Management Policy
Email Policy

The Cybersecurity policies, while posted, in most cases have links that will only work if the user is logged in to a JCU Google account. In two cases, the links will only work for select members of the ITS staff.