January 12, 2015 STAFF

Canvas / Blackboard Important Information

All courses have again been loaded into both Canvas and Blackboard, but are not published (Canvas) or set available (Blackboard) by default. Once you decide which system you will use for a specific course, please ‘publish’ or ‘set availability’ so your students can see the course. This video demonstrates the procedure for both systems: http://c-media.wix.com/activatincourses.

Please note that you will need to tell your students if you are using Canvas or Blackboard for each of your courses.

Reminder! Blackboard will be decommissioned at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. All courses for summer 2015 and beyond will only be provisioned in Canvas. All Blackboard courses will be archived at the end of the Spring 2015 semester as normal.