March 27, 2017 ALL

Today: The Art of Culture Shock Art Contest

As part of “The Art of Culture Shock: Native Americans at the Intersection of Contemporary American Society” workshop, and to learn about many diverse cultures in the contemporary USA, including those of Native Americans, there will be an art contest. The art contest will focus on the intersection between JCU students’ personal and cultural identities.

JCU students are invited to submit original works of art representing one or more aspects of their self-understanding (e.g., culture, national origin, religion). Each entry must represent the student’s own original work. Entries will be displayed in the Muldoon Atrium of the Dolan Center for Science and Technology during the “Art of Culture Shock” event on Monday, March 27. The award-winning work of art will be displayed in the Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion for the remainder of spring semester. To learn more about the art contest and to register your artwork, please visit .