September 28, 2017 ALL

CORRECTION: Chemistry Program Changes

We made changes to the names of the Chemistry concentrations. All Chemistry majors follow the requirements for a B.S. in Chemistry. Students may choose to add a concentration in either Biochemistry (no change) or Chemical Physics (previously Comprehensive), but it is not required.

It is now easier for students in other programs to obtain a Minor in Chemistry. Complete the core CH 141-144 (General Chemistry) and CH 221-224 (Organic Chemistry) sequences and add just 2 more 200-level or higher Chemistry lecture courses.

Beginning fall 2017, CH 435 and 436 (Biochemistry I and II) will be offered in sequential Fall-Spring semesters to allow students to complete the yearlong biochemistry sequence prior to the end of their junior year and before they take the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, etc. Beginning spring 2018, CH 431 (General Biochemistry) will be offered in BOTH fall and spring semesters.