September 28, 2017 STU

ESTEEM Program Information Session

We hope to see you on Tuesday, October 3 at W329 Dolan Science Center, 6-7PM! Food will be provided!

Many students come into the University of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM Graduate Program feeling restless and boxed in by the career choices laid out in front of them, but full of energy to create a better world and make an impact. For this reason, ESTEEM emphasizes the action of entrepreneurship, not just the study of it. ESTEEM allows students with technical backgrounds to explore the world of business and entrepreneurship, learning how to combine their current skills with new ones to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Kyle Williams, Program Manager of the ESTEEM program will be on campus at John Carroll University on Tuesday, October 3. Come find us at W329 Dolan Science Center at 6-7PM. We are looking for the next class of high-impact ESTEEMers and would love to see you there!

You may also email Kyle Williams at for more details or learn more about the program at