March 14, 2018 STU

Value your Voice with VPAC, 3/14

Have you been wondering what to do about a relationship that feels unhealthy? Stop into Grasselli from 3-5 p.m. on Wednesdays for your voice to be heard. JCU’s VPAC (Violence Prevention and Action Center) will be offering drop-in hours every Wednesday. Head to the lower level of the library and look for signs that will point you towards the office to talk about…

• a relationship that feels unhealthy
• how to approach a friend who you are concerned is in an unhealthy relationship
• what supports or safety measures are available for anyone who has experienced unwanted sexual contact
• how to deal with an ex-partner who just won’t accept the break-up

…or anything else related to potential interpersonal violence. Consultations are on a first-come, first- serve basis, no appointments are needed. VPAC can offer a listening ear, safety planning, resources and referrals, information and assistance understanding and navigating the Title IX / student conduct process and the criminal justice system. For more information contact

The VPAC Program Coordinator is considered a private non-confidential resource. This means if an incident of interpersonal violence is disclosed, the program coordinator would have the initial responsibility to only report non-identifiable information date, time, location and general nature of the incident (i.e. stalking, sexual assault, etc.) to the Title IX Coordinator. Identifiable information would only have to be shared if the Title IX Coordinator felt that there was a pattern of abuse or cause for fear of your safety or the safety of others.