April 29, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Announcing the 2019-2020 Staff Council!

Staff Council’s 2019 election results are in! Please join us in congratulating our newest members of Staff Council:
Brendan Dolan, Chair Elect
Jurell Sison, Vice Chair for Mission & Advocacy
Ed Mish, Vice Chair for Recognition
Angela Krueger, Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Amy Zucca, Vice Chair for Membership, Governance, & Finance
Lou Genovese, Member-at-Large
Trent Kay Maverick, Member-at-Large
Mary Ellen Riley, Member-at-Large
Lauren Ryan, Member-at-Large
Maria Soriano-Young, Member-at-Large
Michelle Spangler, Member-at-Large
Pam Zangara, Member-at-Large
Selen Zarrelli, Member-at-Large

Photos and brief bios of our new Staff Council members are posted to the Staff Council website.

Please also join us in offering our thanks and appreciation for the hard work of our Staff Council representatives who will be completing their service to Staff Council at the end of this year:
Lisa Brown-Cornelius, Immediate Past Chair
April Skurka, Vice Chair for Mission & Advocacy
Salomon Rodezno, Vice Chair for Recognition
Brendan Dolan, Vice Chair for Membership, Governance, & Finance
Brenda Bailey, Member-at-Large
Dan Fotoples, Member-at-Large
Brandi Mandzak, Member-at-Large
Beau Lem, Member-at-Large
Mike Marich, Member-at-Large
Caragh Vasko, Member-at-Large
Logan Vess, Member-at-Large

And a final, special note of thanks to Eric Eickhoff, who is completing the end of his year as Chair. He will continue on Staff Council next year in the role of Immediate Past Chair, while Eddie Carreon will step into the role of Chair. Our appreciation to both of them and to Lisa Brown-Cornelius, who is completing her term as Past Chair, for their leadership.