November 7, 2019 ALL

Weigh The Waste Today in Schott Dining Hall for Lunch!

Today, students from the JCU Sustainability Group will be collecting and weighing your post-consumer waste during lunch. Be a part of the #CleanPlateClub and only take what you can eat! You can always come back for seconds! Last month, we collected 93 pounds of post-consumer waste between 11 am and 1 pm from 603 visitors in Schott Dining Hall. Let’s try to lower that number today!

Weigh the Waste is a fun and interactive way to engage students in understanding just how much plate waste an individual can produce at the end of a meal. While composting is an important part of JCU Dining and an effective solution to food waste, exposing how much food students throw away demonstrates that even if unintentionally, every one can cause food waste. Let’s help better our environment and live more sustainably!