July 12, 2020 STU

Today: Navigating Life At College

How do you navigate college so you graduate already started on your perfect career path?

Join our free short series each Monday and Wednesday at 11am EDT from 7/13 to 7/29. Learn tips & tricks in the following topics to build the tomorrow you’ve been dreaming of. RSVP at https://navigatinglifeatcollege.splashthat.com/

“Stop Saying Yes”
Opportunities are everywhere on campus. Learn how to focus on the ones that help you get where you want to go, and to say no to everything else.

“Picking a Major”
You deserve to spend 4 years being engaged and excited. Learn how to identify the best fit for you and your future.

“Use the Secret Weapon”
There is one resource on campus that very few students use effectively. It makes all the difference in your time on campus, and in your future beyond campus.

Contact Doan Winkel, Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship Director, at dwinkel@jcu.edu with questions