July 12, 2020 ALL

Today: Workshop: Mapping our Roles in a Social Change Ecosystem

As college students, staff, and faculty, we play different roles in pursuit of equity, shared liberation, inclusion, and justice. Yet we often get lost and confused about where to start in social change efforts. We may be catalyzed into action in the midst of crisis in our communities and not know how to contribute. We may be newcomers to social change efforts and not know where to start. Join CSDI and CSSA in a virtual workshop to explore the following questions:

-What are your social change values?
-Which social change movements are you most passionate about?
-What may be your role in a social change ecosystem?
-What are your personal short/long term goals in social change ecosystems?
-How do these connect to your academic discipline and other strengths?

Join us to dialogue about these questions and engage in exercises that Deepa Iyer (@deepaviyer) authored to encourage self-exploration on your role(s) in social change ecosystems.

REGISTER HERE: https://johncarrolluniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIoc-2rrj0uHdbrmNqzIStbO5HGOff3-MUH

Co-facilitated by John Carroll University’s CSDI and CSSA.