April 23, 2021 STU

Summer Section of EN 251 (Business Communications) Available

Are you a Boler student who needs to, or is ready to, take EN 251 (Business Communications, a required course for all Boler majors)? Are you a non-Boler student who is interested in learning more about professional communication and the expectations of both written and oral messages in the workplace? Consider enrolling in the Summer 2021 online section of EN 251, which is set for the first summer session and will take place as an online course (no synchronous meetings), and is structured to help you work through the material at your own pace each week. You will complete the same readings and assignments as the full-semester course students, and the course also carries AW and OP core requirements.

You must have completed BOTH your COMM 125 and First-Year Writing courses and earned credit in order to enroll. The summer session is ideal to complete alongside internships and summer jobs, and will allow you to “unlock” your access to upper-level Boler courses in the fall. Non-Boler majors are welcome to take the course as well!

If you have any questions, contact Professor David Young at dyoung@jcu.edu.